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Avoid This Hiring Mistake Next Year

LinkedIn influencer and Business Insider contributor, Lou Adler recently published an article, “The One Hiring Mistake Everyone Makes and How to Avoid It”, which drives home the fact that many human resource professionals make decisions based on their first impressions during the interview, and they are wrong most of the time. In fact, Adler, a recruiting professional of 30 years, noticed that hiring manager’s initial assessment of the candidates, which he knew personally, was wrong 60% of the time.

Adler’s Strategy for Hiring the Right Talent

Adler determined that hiring managers have a tendency to allow their first impressions to guide their decisions to hire talent. However, he asserts that hiring managers can incorporate bias-reducing strategies into their recruiting policy in order to be more objective so that the organization can actually focus on attracting competent talent. His strategy for minimizing the tendency to subconsciously follow your prejudices, personal biases, and stereotypes include:

  • Take a 30 minute breather before making a judgment call about a candidate.
  • Incorporating preliminary phone interviews during screening.
  • Treat candidates as consultants.
  • Use reverse logic to neutralize biases.
  • Interview candidates as if you are a juror, not a judge.
  • Utilize panel interviews to decrease subjectivity.
  • Don’t use up/down voting; it’s ineffective.
  • Incorporate a human resource tools that help reduce biases beyond the aforementioned strategies, such as talent scorecards.

The strategy Adler suggests is refreshing, and it underscores the importance of integrating an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into your recruiting process. With an ATS, managers are able to select from applicants who meet the qualifications they designate for each position-significantly reducing the potential for biased hiring managers to eliminate valuable talent the company needs. Utilizing an ATS and Adler’s strategy for recruiting helps your organization find the talent you need each time.

Why ATSs Give Your Business the Edge on Hiring

Deficiencies in the hiring and recruiting process don’t start during the interview; biases are laced throughout the recruiting process. For instance, posting the job requisition in certain places can limit exposure and reduce a company’s ability to recruit diverse talent. With an ATS you can eliminate this problem, and many more with ATS features such as:

  • Scouring the web for resumes that match the job description.
  • Searchable technology that allow you to choose from candidates that meet your specifications.
  • Matching resumes from prior applicants that are built in the database.
  • Alerts and schedule management features that help you streamline the process of hiring.
  • Reports and other tools that help managers track costs and determine the efficacy of the system and their processes.

Biases and prejudices can seriously stricken every effort you’ve made to recruit top talent for your organization. Fortunately, by incorporating Adler’s techniques to eliminate your tendency to hire candidates based on first impressions, not whether they are competent, and a robust ATS that matches candidates based on their qualifications, your organization will choose the best candidate for the job time after time.


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