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Find An Employee Fit for 2015

inding the right employee stands as one of the most crucial tasks any employer tackles while on the job. Bringing in the wrong professional can cost the money often thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in training and retraining, not to mention the wrong employee may lag behind in certain job skills that slows down the productivity of others in the company as well. While filling a current opening in the business is often necessary, it should not be rushed, as the wrong hire is more damaging to your company than no hire at all. So, you need to know how to find the right employee that fits this year, regardless of the position, line of work or kind of company you own.

The Right Combination

Finding the right candidate for a job usually requires you to hire someone with the right combination of skill sets, yet, according to Yahoo! Finance, only seven percent of HR departments and hiring managers actually bring on an employee who fits most or nearly all of the desired skills. When this sort of hire takes place, it usually results in additional training while on the job. You need to weight the consequences of particular forms of training. Now, certain aspects can be taught rather easily, so keep this in mind, but in general, you want to continually go over all job applicants until you do land a possible employee that fits the job title. While only seven percent of applicants have nearly all of the right combination of skills, it means that around one out of every 17 resumes you look at does fit. You just need to make sure and identify this one.

Applicant Tracking System

Of course, if you have a large business, or at least a very popular open position, you probably receive a good amount of applications and resumes in your inbox. This is great, as it shows interest in your company, but you need a way to siphon off the bad applicants and locate only those who fit that illusive seven percent. An application tracking system can assist you with this. With the help of this software, you can input specific keywords and skills your company looks for in an applicant. The software than scans through the received applications in order to find those who match your requirements. With the software help, you no longer need to spend valuable man hours digging through piles of resumes. You just need the software.

When using the applicant tracking system software in conjunction with job listing websites, you should have no problem coming up with a list of applicants who meet your right combination.


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