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Is it OK to Use a Personality Test for Empoyment?

It might feel a little weird to have computers decide if someone is good for a job or not, but that’s not what a personality test does. The purpose is to correctly identify whether or not a potential hire will fit into the company based on proven research. It doesn’t just measure someone’s ability to take constructive criticism or their happiness levels, it tells you how best the person would function under different types of scenarios.

No matter what kind of business you have, you likely know what it means to hire the wrong person for a role. It’s waste you can more easily avoid if you invest in the right software. Applicant Tracking Software helps wade through and monitor the applications for an often unfocused work force. Many people apply for jobs they’re not qualified to do, and if you want to review every resume you could conceivably spend hours on candidates who didn’t even read through your post.

You want to try to remain as flexible as possible when you consider these tests. You may find a diamond in the rough which is almost perfect, but may have a difficult time working within a structured setting. Of course, you don’t want to compromise on any of your requirements, but sometimes that’s impossible.

To optimize your profits, you want the best team members working for you. In some situations, it can make more sense to work with a smart and creative person rather than hire someone who can show up to work on time but can’t do the tasks that needs to be done. Again, mixing and matching is not ideal, but evaluating the skills of someone does take a little work. Using ATS means you have a select group of candidates to review so your comparisons are minimal.

Technology will continue to evolve to achieve better results for both employers and employees. Many who apply at your company may resent the idea of taking a test to determine what their skills are.

They already feel that they know themselves and how well they will perform, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken the time to apply. Or it’s possible it’s a desperate job seeker who will take anything. Either scenario could land you with someone who doesn’t pan out. You don’t need to upgrade all of your ATS software for each new release, but you should be aware of the major shifts in testing to stay efficient with your time and energy.


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